coffee doodle

Our capstone project has 4 checkpoints, a stage presentation, and the final event which is called SLAM. We laid out a timeline of all the items we need to complete for each checkpoint and event.

To guide us in the creation of an AR app to support the Forto Coffee sales team, we wanted to explore the current sales process of the future users of our app. Our goal is to gain a better understanding of what is currently working for the sales team and where areas for opportunity to improve are. To gain these insights, we decided to interview members of the sales team to learn more about their processes. We chose to interview employees on the Forto Coffee sales team. These interviews were conducted over the phone, due to Forto Coffee's location in New York City. To gain further insight, we wanted to learn more about how people in general interact with AR capabilities. With a variety of consumer-facing AR applications on the market, we observed students testing different AR options. We asked them to describe the ease of their experience and what they would change. Finally, we did more research into the augmented reality development company, Augment. Given their success with building a similar app for Coca Cola's sales team, we wanted to explore more on what led to the success in their development.

Armed with this knowledge it was time to try to build something.

We decided to try something simple to begin with just to get a feel for working with augmented reality.