coffee doodle

To further support our research, we wanted to observe different groups using consumer-facing augmented reality apps. We decided to observe two different demographic groups: college-aged students (18-25) and middle-aged adults (over 50). We split our observational research into these two groups to see if the ease of use differed based on age. We decided to observe participants using IKEA's furniture placement app, IKEA Place. For this, we provided a device with the application already downloaded. The observations began once the app had been opened on the device. Participants were not given once the app was opened. There were 2 participants in the older group, and 5 participants in the younger. For the older audience, there was around a 30-second learning period where each person tested took a moment to figure out how to use the app. While all participants eventually were able to figure out the app functionality, there was visible frustration on app usage after continued use. Each participant typically stopped using the app due to frustration after around 5 minutes. Of the college-aged group, participants were a lot more confident in exploring the app. While the older group typically focused on one specific product, the younger audience typically explored placing multiple objects from multiple furniture collections.

Unfortunately, Forto was unable to provide us with 3D models of their sales materials. So we had to problem solve a bit. At this point we were in the process of building all of the sales materials in a 3D modeling software and the user interface of the app.