coffee doodle

For this checkpoint we mainly focused our efforts on the research portion of the project in order to ensure the foundation of the app would be solid.

Our team was able to connect with a member of the Forto sales team, Matt Woodman. Matt currently works with the New York City sales department, which covers sales through multiple neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Manhattan. He has worked with the sales team for 6 months, and he previously worked in field marketing. Matt described that his current sales process usually involves bringing physical products of Forto Coffee, as well as images and print outs of display options. He also described that sales looked very different, depending on the type of store the sale was taking place with Forto is currently sold in a variety of types of stores, including supermarkets, drug stores, pharmacies, and mom and pop shops. While Matt mentioned that every sales pitch looks different, he mentioned that many clients do have questions regarding what displays look like in store. Matt has a photo album on his phone with images of different display options in a variety of stores, which he shows in sales pitches. He mentioned that some clients want to know what displays will look like specifically in their store, which is an area of opportunity to optimize the sales process for Forto.

Matt described that other sales team members will use technologies to help navigate sales routes, but he mentioned that he personally did not use much technology in his sales.